Many American citizens aren’t aware of all the opportunities that exist for them while living in Israel, including financial rewards that you are entitled to just for being a working U.S. citizen!

At U.S. Benefits, we serve both as an information resource, helping you understand your status and entitlements, and as the institution that can implement the process to get you what’s rightfully yours. We walk you through the procedure from start to finish, securing your benefits.

As a US citizen, you are entitled to many benefits, including:

Traveling to the U.S. on an American passport instead of an Israeli visa
Voting in US elections, based on your (last used) US address
Tax credits and deductions to lower your tax liability and possibly give you a refund
Most Americans find the tax laws to be complex, and that is the primary reason U.S. citizens living in Israel turn to us. Contact U.S. Benefits today to learn what your dues and entitlements as a U.S. citizen are and how we can help you benefit

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