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Tax returns for US citizens

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Who we are ?

U.S. Benefits is a pioneer in its field in Israel; a leader in providing U.S government tax benefit advice since 2001 to U.S. citizens living in Israel. Our standard of excellence has brought us over 2000 satisfied customers, who continue to refer their friends and relatives.

U.S. Benefits sees the customer’s success as it is raison d’etre. We achieve this by being a full service agency, always up to date with changing legal requirements, and their application to our customers’ needs. This enables us to provide the maximum benefit to every American citizen living in Israel, all for a very reasonable price.



Our office provides you with a professional in-depth report for no more than 70NIS !

This report will display where your money is invested in a clear orderly fashion: Gemel, Hishtamut, Pension, Life insurance etc.

It will also enable you to hand in a tax report quickly and without any hassle.


N.M., Jerusalem
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"We tried doing everything on our own with the U.S. authorities. After a year of headache, balagan, completing incorrect forms, documents that did not reach their destinations, many phone calls, mistakes and a great deal of work, I turned to U.S. Benefits and, in the first year, we saved hours of work, reduced the hassle of all the work down to a half hour of work for the whole year. We warmly recommend!!"
B.B., Shomron
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"After a grueling journey of unsuccessful attempts to receive money that was rightfully ours from the IRS and after a number of accountants gave up, I arranged a meeting with U.S. Benefits and in a very few months, received $5757 from the IRS with no hassle whatsoever. Many, many thanks!"
P. from ElAd
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"I was supposed to pay taxes totaling $20,000 to the IRS after a report completed by my accountant. I turned to U.S. Benefits and after a relatively short process, succeeded in reducing the amount to $14,706!! I am grateful for every minute spent with you! Warmly recommend!"
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